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10 Best Beard And Moustache Accessories

10 Best Beard And Moustache Accessories

No matter if you are just a facial hair newbie or a seasoned and proud beardie, this entry is for you. We hereby present ten best beard and moustache accessories you should own. Check out what's missing in your kit and what to complete it with.

1. Military-Style Beard Brush

While writing about best beard accessories, we immediately thought of a military-style beard brush. And we were not wrong. This is every beardie's must-have and should not be missing from your drawer either.

With a military brush you will not just brush your beard but also remove dead skin particles and massage your skin, improving blood circulation in it.

2. Comb

Having mentioned a military brush, we mustn't forget a comb. Made of natural wood, it's second to none in combing your beard, as well as styling it and ensuring an even application of different treatments.

Can a comb replace a brush, or vice versa? Many beardies seem to think so, but this is not true. While a comb does its job in beard styling, a military-style brush takes care of the skin uderneath it, and that's why it is good to have the full monty.

3. Scissors

Still a few weeks till the next visit at the barber shop, and your beard is growing as if on steroids? It means you should give it a slight cut at home. But how, you may ask. This is where high-quality, sharp scissors come in handy.

Whatever you think, good scissors will not hurt yourself or your facial hair. With their help your beard will always look perfect.

Military-style beard brush, comb and scissors are our top three beard and moustache devices. You can buy them in The King Beard Professional Grooming Kit.

4. Dryer

A beard dryer? Of course! Use it once and you won't be able to imagine living without it, we mean it. A warm air blow will not just dry your beard but also style and shape it.

Is a dryer safe for the beard? Yes, but use it with moderation. Surely, avoid a very hot stream of air day in, day out.

5. Round Brush

A dryer alone is not enough to style the beard and moustache. Reach for a round brush as well. It is used for shaping the facial hair and also for applying cosmetics.

Our trick is to use a brush together with a dryer. A warm blow of air and a round brush is the recipe for your beard's perfect shape.

6. Roller

What's the story with this roller? It's not an ordinary styling brush. It addresses the needs of your beard. Titanium microneedles improve blood circulation in your face, which becomes rejuvenated and better absorbs the nutrients contained in cosmetics.

Beard roller, as well as other grooming and styling accessories, can be found in our special set: The King Beard Growth Kit.

7. Trimmer

Facing a beardcut and no clue what to do? Proper accessories is what you need. A beard trimmer will come in handy. It's got a few attachments of different sizes to let you control the cut length.

But remember that a trimmer and an electric shaver is not the same. A shaver can give you a quick haircut. Beard trimming can be quite problematic with it.

8. Straight Razor

We are surely witnessing a revival of traditional straight razors. Although they may seem to have been replaced by electric shavers and trimmers, many beardies make them their primary choice.

They know the truth that no electric shaver or trimmer can ensure such a precise and smooth cut as a straight razor. It obviously requires some skill, but with a bit of practice you will learn to use it.

9. Beard Straightener

What is a straightener doing in this company? Well, it's by far the fastest and most efficient to... hey, guess what? Yes, to straighten your beard. A moment is enough for your hair to stop curling and tangling. Just think how much time it will save you.

Just like with a dryer, a straightener must be used with moderation. Don't reach for it daily and set a lower temperature range.

10. Beard Template

A beard template (stencil) is an exceptionally useful accessory for beard cutting, trimming and styling. Don't hesitate to reach for it if you're not feeling skilful yet. It connects two functions: a template for precise cutting and a comb for your beard as well.

So you know the list of essential accesories for your beard and moustache. Got all those mentioned? Or maybe you use some others? Keep trying new ways to groom and style your beard! We hope to have inspired you for your own quest.