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10 Facts You've Never Heard About Beard Growing

10 Facts You've Never Heard About Beard Growing

So, you have commited to growing a beard. Given it a thought and asked your beard-sporting mates for advice. But do you surely know it all? What should you expect?

Will the beard's benefits outweigh its demands? Learn 10 facts you have never heard about growing a beard, which will let you enjoy it right away from the initial weeks.

Your Greatest Enemy Is Yourself

What is the main rookie mistake? Wrong grooming regime, or maybe shying away from beard oil? No way! If you're only a beginner beardie, your main enemy is yourself.

You don't give yourself enough time. All you want is an immediate effect. You're like, why can't my beard grow overnight? Don't go this way. Let time do its job. Don't give up if only a month later your beard is still not up to scratch.

Beard Means Patience 

To let your beard be a real beard, wait at least 10 to 12 weeks. Only then will it be long enough to know what to expect. Don't reach for a razor too early.

On the other hand, if weeks pass and there is still no trace of lush facial hair, it may be a sign of wrong grooming regime or unwanted work of hormones blocking the beard growth.

To achieve a beard of your dreams, try cosmetics such as The King Beard Activator Serum, which accelerate facial hair growth.

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Itching Will Eventually Stop

Yes, it finally will. The initial weeks are the worst. Been there, done that. Survive the first two months though, and the itching will disappear. Up to then, make friends with beard oils to alleviate the itching. 

Cosmetics Are Not Your Enemy

Beard oils are not just your remedy for itching beard. They also make your facial hair look healthy. Nourished and moisturised hair is strong, smooth and easy to style.

What more can you expect from your beard? When you commit to growing it, make more space for cosmetics in your bathroom. You can rest assured that a beard balm or oil such as The King Beard Oil will be just a starter of your collection.

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Beard Adds Age

That's the way it is that bearded men look older. Shave your beard and you will look at least a decade younger. For this reason, guys shy away from scissors.

You will also experience being treated as older than you really are. What's more, a beard increases your authority and other people's trust in you. So, if promotion or pay rise is your aim, maybe that's the way to go?

You Will Attract Attention

Beard has become extremely popular, no one can deny. Plenty of men follow this trend. Not so many shows enough patience however, and manage to grow a long, epic beard.

But when it finally happens, it will not pass unnoticed. Your beard will suddenly attract attention not just of fellow beardies, but also those men who cannot boast such lush facial hair.

Not to mention the opposite sex, in the eyes of which you will immediately score extra points.

You Will Feel More Confident

Bearded men seem more confident to you? There may be a grain of truth in it. Growing a beard is a lengthy process, during which you get to know yourself better.

Just like while running a marathon or breaking your PBs at the gym, what you need is determination and discipline.

They make you strong, and at the same time confident. With beard growing it is the same story, as it proves your resilience, willpower and masculinity. 

You Will Meet Brothers In Beard

A brother in beard is a brother indeed. Entering a room full of beardies you immediately feel at home. That's because every single one of them has gone the same way.

They all know too well how tough it gets to grow a beard, how much time and patience it takes. Tons of treatments, weeks of itching and resisting yourself. Among them you can be yourself, as you are one of them.

The Longer The Beard, The Harder The Styling 

The bad news is that a long, epic beard is way more demanding than a simple goatee. The longer it is, the more you must focus on its grooming.

Applying beard oils and balms, washing, combing... those are the basic routines which should become as obvious to you as brushing your teeth. When this is the case, even the longest beard will stop being an issue.

Washing First And Foremost

You probably shower daily, and so should you wash your beard. You don't want to know how much dirt and contamination it gathers every day. And dust or food residues are just the least dangerous of it all.

So don't skip the daily washing of your facial hair. Try a dedicated beard soap, such as the one you can find in The King Beard Care Set, together with other beard grooming accessories.

The King Beard Care Set

While it is not always a bed of roses, growing a beard is an unforgettable experience. We have gone this way too and we know how challenging it can be.

At the end of the road however awaits an epic result, as well as the awareness that you have made it and others can only envy you.