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A Few Tricks for a More Bushy Beard

A Few Tricks for a More Bushy Beard


Watching your beard grow healthily is very rewarding. Thick and full stubble is what many bearded men strive for. However, most of them know that it is not obtained just like that.

Sometimes it takes some time. Importantly, it is also needed for bearded men themselves, so that they can find a moment to learn how to care for their beard.

Some bearded men attach more importance to proper beard care, while others focus more on effective styling.

The first faction claims that keeping your beard clean, trimming unhealthy tips, and moisturizing the skin under the chin is paramount.

The second one believes that with the use of specific styling techniques, as well as preparations, she will be provided with proper care.

Regardless of which group we act in; we create the appearance of our beard.

Model your chin after bathing

model your chin

Everyone can have a different type of facial hair, and quite often the discrepancy is due to genetics.

However, they do not exempt from taking specific actions to care for the beard. An example of such practice is combing it immediately after bathing. A comb or brush can be used for this.

When brushing, style your hair in any direction. As a result, we can permanently change their appearance. Thus, we also control the direction of the beard growing.

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Use essential oil 

Brushing and shaping the beard with the oil is additionally more effective. However, remember to apply it skillfully.

Well, when you get out of the shower, wipe your chin with a towel and put a few drops of oil on it, then brush and comb it in any direction.

The oil will make styling the beard easier and thus the properties of the oil have a positive effect on the structure of the hair.

On the other hand, brushing the beard while drying it with a dryer will additionally strengthen the durability of the hairstyle.

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Trim your beard

trim your beard

A beard can completely change the shape of the face. Many experienced bearded men benefit greatly from it.

Therefore, apart from combing it in a specific direction, you should also style it by trimming the ends.

Thus, the beard can be shorter in some places, but by skillfully trimming it, we will make it almost imperceptible.

It is good to entrust this activity to Barber. 

Eliminate beard blotch

Stains on the chin are quite common among many bearded men. The clearances visible on it are most often viewed as something undesirable.

Of course, a lot depends on the level of spotty. However, in many cases it can be covered, leveled, or completely removed.

The easiest way is to brush your beard in such a direction that the remaining hair can cover the thinning areas.

While brushing, you can also use preparations that enable good beard styling, such as oil, soap, or balm.

Of course, the longer the beard, the easier it is to cover the spotted beard.

The use of beard preparations can also completely eliminate the problem of beard spotting.

Thanks to oils and many other preparations, we can induce new hair growth in extremely thinning areas.

Thus, the problem will be solved in the germ itself, or rather in the hair bulb.


hydrate your beard

This tip doesn't apply to the chin itself, but rather to the skin beneath it. Quite a common problem with bearded men is its excessive drying.

This can be prevented not so much by washing it with water, but by using appropriate moisturizing preparations.

Thanks to them, your beard will be healthy and shiny.