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A Guide to Surviving The Summer With a Long Beard

A Guide to Surviving The Summer With a Long Beard

The hot summer heat is a special challenge for hard-core bearded men. Of course, their lush hair in the sunlight does not lose its attractive appearance, but it can then be an unnecessary cover against the heat.

After all, bearded men are associated with winter. Santa Claus had a beard - living in cold Lapland or Jon Snow - freezing in winter conditions with his night watch.

However, this does not mean that bearded men do not deserve summer, much less a vacation. It is certainly too radical a political postulate. It would also be too drastic to have to shave your beard just for the summer.

It just so happens that we know how bearded men should defend themselves against heat and excessive sweating.

What dangers await bearded men in the summer?

Long and thick beards not only cause excessive sweating by restricting the skin's access to air. Chlorine contained in the pool can also be a problem, and even ticks, which are the most active during the holiday season.

A warm beard can be a shelter for them. That is why the summer period is a real challenge for bearded people.

dangers await bearded men in the summer

However, do not lose hope and read our summer guide for the bearded man.

Use a comb 

As we have already established, the beard in summer causes the skin to sweat. It is also known that sweating manifests itself through the appearance of liquid sweat on our bodies.

When our beard sweats and when a light wind blows us, we can feel quite a relief.

However, if sweat accumulates under the chin for a long time, it begins to store oil harmful to the skin.

This in turn causes irritation, pimples, and ingrown hair.

To prevent this from happening, brush your beard regularly. A comb or brush can be used for this. Just using a comb will prevent unwanted oil from forming.

Use moisturizing preparations

Due to the hot weather and our excessive sweating during this period, we use the shower more often. So, we wash our beards more often. This can cause the hair and skin underneath to dry out.

That is why we recommend using beard moisturizers to soften and nourish the beard. It can be a lotion or oil, like The King Beard Oil.

Moisturizers can be especially helpful when our beard has been in contact with chlorine. It is abundant in swimming pools and municipal swimming pools.

After handling it, you should wash your chin unconditionally. Of course, it is best to avoid swimming pools with a lot of chlorine.

wash our beards more often

However, when it's too late after getting out of the water, it's a good idea to rinse your beard with soap and then apply some oil or lotion on your beard.

Brush your chin after leaving the woods

Yes, this tip sounds very similar to the previous one, but it is so important that it is impossible not to distinguish it.

The beard can harbor ticks and other worms. Many bearded men find various insects in it during the holiday season.

Therefore, after forest walks and walks, you should carefully inspect your beard and comb it well.

Use sunscreen 

Creams are especially recommended for those with a spotted beard. Skin clearances also require protection from UV rays and are prone to sun irritation.

Trim your beard for the summer

It is not so much a guideline as a loose tip. Slightly changing your image for the summer can be beneficial.

Trimming just a few millimeters of the barber's beard can help us feel comfortable with the chin in the heat.

Give your beard a new summer fragrance

In summer, smells are felt much more intensely. Therefore, it is worth considering aromatic oil or beard soap.

We recommend a special soap and oil. Giving the beard a nice and intense aroma will make us feel more comfortable with it, and its pleasant smell will be felt by others.

give the beard a nice and intense aroma

Do not react to the harassment of non-sewers 

Certainly, many stubborn bearded men during the summer face questions like:

  • "Does this beard bother you in summer?",
  • "Can you stand the heat with this beard?"
  • "How often do you wash it during the summer?"

We proudly inform about the hygiene of our beard, but not ostentatiously. The fact that we care for her is beyond doubt.

And a handful of doubters are probably just looking for a reason to dissuade us from believing that a beard is the most beautiful thing in the world.