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Beard Brush Or Beard Comb – What Serves You Better?

Beard Brush Or Beard Comb – What Serves You Better?

A long and masculine beard can look really awesome. Lush facial hair significantly changes the overall image of every guy.

More and more men go for a beard because they think their appearance is greatly improved thanks to it.

And indeed a properly groomed beard can look absolutely fabulous. Regular combing is a must in the grooming of long facial hair.

But what you comb (or brush) it with is an important question.

What To Comb Our Beard With?

Hair combing is a daily morning routine for most of us. The same should apply to those who sport lush facial hair.

After all it's the same hair as on our head, only growing in a different place.

Why A Comb?

We can comb our beard, obviously, with a comb. This device is more commonly associated with the hair on top of our head.

It can manage with our beard equally well, however. Its main advantage is effective beard styling, i.e. combing it in a certain way.

*It can be also used in trimming, i.e. holding the hair ends for a precise cut.*

While a comb delivers precision, it can't really manage with exceptionally clumped or mangled facial hair.

Another advantage of this accessory is worth mentioning – a comb is easy to wash.

Why A Brush?

Alternatively, we can brush our beard with... guess what? A brush is a commonly chosen beard grooming accessory.

Many barbers recommend it to every beardie for daily use.

A beard brush not only can deal with tangled facial hair, but also allows for even and precise application of grooming treatments, i.e. all kinds of oils, conditioners or beard butters.

It is supposed to be dedicated to those with not so lush facial hair. Stiffness and density of bristles are the desired traits of a good beard brush, while the denser our beard is, the longer should be the distance between its bristles.

Advantages Of Beard Combing/Brushing

Beard combing and brushing is supposed to be beneficial to our skin and facial hair in many ways.

This routine not only enhances the beard's appearance, but also ensures its proper shape and softness, and most of all removes dirt, dust and dead skin cells which may be found in the hair.

It is so important because those contaminants may cause blackheads, acne, clogged pores or even more serious conditions.

Combing/brushing also provides skin massage which, as we know, enhances new hair growth, especially with our The King Beard Kit.

Moreover, it prevents beard itching, which is one of the most common beard owners' complaints.

What Should A Good Beard Comb Be Like?

Most of all, the comb's size should reflect our needs. A comb for frequent use may fit our pocket or toiletry bag.

It can be really small, no problem! The comb's shape is equally important. It should fit our hand well.

Even more, if not the most important feature of a beard comb is however the distance between its teeth.

If it's badly suited to our facial hair type, we may experience pain while combing, caused by hair ripping. Owners of sparse beards should choose a comb with denser teeth.

What Should A Good Beard Brush Be Like?

A good brush should have similar features as a good comb. In other words, the distance between its bristles must suit the density of our facial hair.

The denser it is, the wider the space between bristles should be. A brush should be relatively large in order to deal with a properly wide area of our beard.