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Beard Oil, Its Action And Use

Beard Oil, Its Action And Use

Itchy beard, its unpleasant smell, brittle facial hairs? Beard growing and grooming can be a tough nut to crack even for its experienced owners. How to get to know yourself, and at the same time your beard? What does beard oil do and how to use it? Learn why you need it and how to choose one.

How Beard Oil Acts

Beard oil is a basic treatment that should never be missing in any self-respecting beardie's toiletry bag. If you want your beard well-groomed, reach for it regularly. Your beard will be thankful, and so will be your partner.

So what's the beard oil for? Whatever you do, your beard is exposed to a string of trials and tribulations. The initial weeks are troubled with incessant itching. When it finally starts to resemble a beard and not a youthful stubble, it becomes dry, messy and brittle.

Your beard has its natural oil and it's called sebum. With every wash however, you deprive yourself of its precious layer. What's more, the longer your beard is, the lower is its production. All this takes you just one step from irritated skin and brittle beard.

And here comes beard oil. Whoever has ever tried to grow a beard, knows its everyday importance. How does it work? Most of all it moisturises the beard and skin. It also closes the scales and smooths the hairs, making them shiny and resilient.

You will certainly appreciate its fragrance as well. In most cases beard oil is enriched with essential oils, so you can easily pull it off as your best perfume.

Beard Oil vs. Itchy Beard. Will It Help?

Know this feeling, don't you? Itchy beard driving you up the wall, making it impossible to focus on everyday activities. You can't forget it even for a moment.

Been there, done that. Unfortunately, the initial weeks or even months of beard growing can be a real baptism of fire. When you're finally through, you can enjoy a long and glorious beard.

Still, there is a nice'n'easy way to soothe this pesky itching. Yes, you guessed it right, beard oil is your friend! If your beard is still growing and itchy, your skin is most likely dry and irritated. Application of a few drops of beard oil will give you an instant relief.

How To Apply Beard Oil

The secret of beard grooming is not only in the treatment itself, but also in the way of its application. It's just like cooking your signature dish. Or brewing a coffee having forgotten to grind it first. The order of actions matters in the case of applying beard oil too.

Before reaching for a beard oil, take the following simple steps.

  1. Wash the beard. You don't want to apply a cosmetic on dirty body, do you? It's the same with beard. So before starting any grooming routines, take a while to wash your beard.
  2. Brush the beard. A good military-style beard brush or comb will do the job. What's more, it will separate the hairs and remove dead skin particles.
  3. Dry the beard well. An oil is not a balsam. Don't apply it onto wet beard, otherwise it will be covered with a greasy film.
  4. Rub a few drops of beard oil between your palms. For a better application, it's good to warm it up a wee bit.
  5. Apply the oil starting with the skin underneath your beard. Begin with the skin below your throat.

Beard Oil: Daily Or For Special Occasions?

Applying beard oil should become your habit, just like brushing teeth or showering. Don't wait until your beard becomes itchy or brittle. Then any grooming may be too little too late.

Beard oil is worth reaching for right at the start of your beard adventure. It will let you avoid itchy skin and ingrowing hairs. As soon as your beard achieves the expected size, it will be not just long, but also healthy and strong.

How To Choose Beard Oil

Beard oil should be found in every beardie's toiletry bag, that's a fact. It's easy to apply, efficient, and available at every chemist's. Before choosing one of many bottles however, check if it's not gonna damage your beard.

What's the story then? As usual, s**t happens. A swish-looking label won't make up for bad ingredients that can do more harm than help. What we mean are:




Instead, the ingredients should include natural oils, such as jojoba, argan, castor, coconut, almond, and grape seed oil. The dose makes the poison, as they say. Therefore, look for respected labels, where ingredients and their proportions will not turn your beard into a greasy broom.

Such a treatment will surely be The King Beard Oil, which contains jojoba, grape seed, castor, and almond oil. This is a safe and sure choice for both rookie and seasoned beardies.