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Best Facial Hair Style For Your Face Shape

Best Facial Hair Style For Your Face Shape

Ricki Hall, or maybe Jake Gyllenhaal? Plenty of guys dream of a dense, epic beard. Such a spectacular effect can be achieved by lots of TLC, but your efforts must be suited to the shape of your face.

Do you know which beard style fits you best? A goatee, or maybe sharp, rectangular lines? Check out the best facial hair style for your face shape.

What Does Facial Hair Style Depend On?

You look your best when you look yourself. This applies to facial hair as well. Some may dream of an epic beard, others of a cheeky moustache, but they don't just look equally awesome on everyone. For this reason, listen to yourself and don't pretend to be someone you are not.

Facial Hair Style

What does facial hair style depend on? Well, many individual factors can influence your beard. You can't change them all, and they just ain't worth the fight.

That's 'cos you can't change your hormones, hair growth speed, or face shape. All you can do is get the best of what you've got and grow a beard that suits you, highlights your advantages, and hides the shortcomings.

Round Face Beard

You can feel like a star if you're a proud owner of a round face. Such a face shape is sported by the Hollywood's own Leonardo DiCaprio. His stylists know too well what facial hair style suits his round face best.

With such a face, you should take care of highlighting the sharp lines. They will minimise the curves, accentuate the chin, and your face will just get what it takes.

Which beard's gonna do the job? Go for a goatee or grow a beard long enough to equalise your face proportions and highlight your cheeks with properly sharp lines.

Square Face Beard

Many an attractive man may enjoy a square-shaped face, including Brad Pitt himself. While it doesn't require highlighting the right angles, the proper beard shape is still worth some attention.

Square Face Beard

For a square face owner, it's worth diverting the attention from edgy cheeks and forehead. To do this, concentrate on highlighting the central point of your face and the chin. A goatee will be just the right thing, and so will a full beard or facial hair that doesn't accentuate the edgy lines of your face.

Heart Face Beard

What's a heart face like? That's quite a characteristic shape, easy to tell by wide cheeks and forehead. One well-known example is Justin Timberlake. Look at the way the famous actor highlights his advantages. Maybe you can follow his suit?

For this type of face, a short delicate stubble certainly deserves attention as it makes the jawline look slimmer. A typical lumberjack beard will do the job as well, accentuating the cheeks and extending the chin.

Diamond Face Beard

A diamond-shaped face is easy to recognise. It's more edgy than a square-shaped one. Its famous owners include Johnny Depp. With a diamond face you can feel like a celebrity yourself.

How to choose the best beard style? It's important to make the diamond lines a bit more rectangular. That's why some hairs should be on your cheeks. On the other hand, a goatee is not recommended as it extends your chin even more.

Oblong Face Beard

An oblong face is also easy to tell. It's rectangular and long. Such a strong face shape is owned by e.g. Ben Affleck. Good company indeed!

The golden rule with oblong face is not to make it look even longer. Therefore, avoid a goatee or lumberjack beard. Grow a short stubble instead and highlight your cheek lines.

Triangular Face Beard

The last face shape we are discussing is a triangle. It surely brings the heart shape to your mind, but narrowing of the chin is even more visible. Look at Ryan Gosling to know what we mean.

With a triangular face you shouldn't accentuate your beard downwards. Don't make your chin look even more pointed by growing a goatee. Instead, focus on facial hair at the sides to add your face more balance and make it look fuller.

How To Give Your Beard The Best Shape?

An ideally shaped beard is always a personal choice. No matter how many photos you look at, it's only important what you feel and look like. For this reason, achieving the right facial hair style is a process.

Give yourself time. Even a dozen weeks or so, when you forget about the trimmer and reach for beard treatments like The King Beard Growth Kit.

At your own time you will find this one and only style to feel unique. This will be the beard choice that best suits your face.