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Dense And Full Beard: How To Grow It?

Dense And Full Beard: How To Grow It?

Every man starting to grow a beard dreams of making it dense and full. What are your chances to achieve it? How to grow a well-groomed, epic beard?

How to improve its density? We've got all the answers and want to share them with you. Become a proud beardie in just a few months!

Why Your Beard Does Not Grow

Last try, you think to yourself. It doesn't work and you give up your hopes of a dense beard for good. But to be honest, not many guys manage to grow an epic beard at the first try.

In most cases it takes years of trials and errors. But do you know why you can't achieve the desired effect? Is your beard naturally predisposed to grow dense and full? Or maybe you just don't naturally groom it?

Genes above all

You can't beat your genetic setup. If you've got a beardie written all over your DNA, you're surely gonna enjoy a lush, epic beard with minimum effort.

If your genes say otherwise however, and your ancestors haven't been famous for big beards either, with high probability you are bound to share their fate... unless you are still young and your beard has not grown yet.

Remember that it takes its shape until you turn 30 or so.

That's tough, but boys don't cry. That's when a goatee comes in handy, or a moustache, which appears to be making a comeback these days. You will surely find an ideal solution for yourself.

Secondly, Lack Of Grooming

Or maybe your beard wants to grow but you don't give it a chance to present its full potential? That's because another reason of scarce beard is insufficient grooming, or the total lack thereof.

groom your beard

So examine your conscience and think if you give your beard enough TLC. Do you use brushes, including a military-style one? Do you properly moisturise and nourish your facial hair?

If you want to see what else you can do for your beard, read this article. Learn how to groom your beard to make it denser and fuller.

How To Groom Your Beard To Make It Denser

Wonder how to make your beard grow denser? Or maybe you have tried many a trick but still they all failed? Don't worry, you're not the only one.

Been through this, and we have emerged victorious. Here is our bunch of tips for your epic beard.


Hygiene first. We presume you shower daily. If not, make it your starting point. Your beard needs support as well. The longer it is, the more dirt and natural sebum settle on it, so give it special care.

Your daily routine should include removal of excess sebum and dead epidermal cells. Dedicated shampoos and beard soaps will be of help.


Second, nourishment. Freshly washed, clean beard asks for it. Applying a conditioner or balm provides a shot of nourishing ingredients.

You can't skip this ritual which only takes a while and the results are amazing. Treatments such as The King Beard Oil keep your beard fresh and pleasant to touch.

They also prevent split hair ends, hair brittleness and lingering odours.


And third, brushing. Get this brush and comb moving! Brushing improves blood circulation and therefore helps condition the skin underneath your beard. At the same time the cosmetic treatments will be evenly spread all over your beard.

Lifestyle Matters!

As you treat yourself, you treat your beard, they say. And this is true. As we mentioned before, your beard depends on hormones, including testosterone, and the overall condition of your body. That's why it is your lifestyle and diet that matter too.

Dense and majestic beard emanates testosterone. There is no better way to work on it than sporting activities. So get a gym membership and regularly work on your muscle mass.

You will kill two birds with one stone: achieve an attractive figure and increase testosterone level in your body. From here it's not far to a lush and dense beard of your dreams.

But working out itself is not enough. To have energy for it, supply enough vitamins and minerals and take care of a balanced diet. For a healthy, awesome beard, reach for products rich in vitamins A, E, B, and C.

Also consume plenty of proteins and remember about drinking enough water. Healthy beard is healthy body, after all.

Dense beard: summary

Now you know what a dense beard depends on. Although you can't change all the factors, there still are ways to improve the condition and growth speed of your facial hair.

So take care of your beard as well as yourself. Start with proper grooming and healthy lifestyle. The rest will come naturally.