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Everything You Always Wanted To Know Before Buying A Beard Straightener

Everything You Always Wanted To Know Before Buying A Beard Straightener

… but were afraid to ask. It's a fact of life that lots of men's hair is naturally curly, and the same refers to beards. How to straighten the beard? Will a straightener help it, or just the opposite? Learn what is worth knowing before buying a beard straightener.

Beard Straightener: Necessity Or Overkill?

Straighteners make you think of ladies' hair styling. Nowadays however you can also come across a dedicated beard straightener. It can quickly and swiftly straighten your beard. But is it safe?

Let's not delude ourselves. Very high temperature will destroy every hair, and it concerns facial hair too. Regular use of a straightener will cause brittle beard and split hair ends. The epic effect you have achieved will quickly go down the drain.

Unskilled or too frequent use of a beard straightener is dangerous. Before you reach for one, take a while to learn which one to choose and how to use it.

Which Beard Straightener To Choose?

Several types of straighteners are available on the market. Those with the ionisation function are the most popular. In a nutshell, negative ions close the hair scales while straightening, making hair smoother and more resistant to damage.

You can come across straighteners with titanium plates, which are highly durable. Also ceramic ones are available, with a slippery surface enabling them to move along the beard more smoothly.

How To Straighten Your Beard With A Straightener

When you need to use a beard straightener, remember a few important rules. They will let you prevent the excessive drying, or even burning of your beard.

How To Straighten Your Beard With A Straightener

  1. Before using a straightener, the beard should be washed to remove excess sebum and dirt. Dry it thoroughly then. Never use a straightener on wet beard, it can be extremely damaging.
  2. Before straightening, it is necessary to apply a beard oil. We also need a thermal protective treatment to protect the hair structure against damage.
  3. Brush the beard thoroughly with a military-style beard brush or comb, in order to remove tangles and separate hairs.
  4. Switch the straightener on and adjust the right temperature. It shouldn't be too hot – no higher than 185 degrees centigrade.
  5. Start straightening when the device has been preheated. Move the straightener from top to bottom of your beard, but don't stop too long in one place. The device should be smoothly moved along the beard.
  6. You can use a comb to round up your styling ritual.

Other Tricks For A Straight Beard

If you're fed up with a curly and tangled beard, a straightener is surely an efficient way. But is it the best one? We leave the answer to you. It is worth knowing however that a straightener is not necessarily healthy for your beard.

You are not left alone with this issue. There are other ways to solve it. Maybe a straightener will turn out to be totally unnecessary?

A traditional hair dryer goes first. Just like with a straightener, before using it you mustn't forget to apply a thermal protective treatment. What you also need is a brush. The beard should be damp, but not wet. While brushing the facial hair, direct the stream of hot air into your beard to straighten it.

What About Grooming?

It is sometimes worthwhile to focus on grooming rather that reach for a hair dryer or beard straightener. Why? Because damaged and overdried hair tends to curl, and a straightener increases this effect. Nourishing and moisturising your facial hair are therefore a must.

Start with a good shampoo. Not an ordinary one you would use for your head, but a dedicated one for the beard. It will not weigh your facial hair down, but will soften it and remove dirt.

Then go beard oils. They are second to none for itchy skin relief. This is not their sole advantage, however. They also nourish and revitalise your epidermis. The King Beard Oil treatments are rich in natural oils – jojoba, castor, and almond – which will enhance your daily beard grooming ritual.

What you also need is brushing. A comb or military-style beard brush allow you to evenly spread cosmetics, and they also model and straighten your facial hair.

Finally, be patient. Just a small amount of cosmetics is enough to provide your beard with necessary ingredients and prevent its frizzing and curling. Their excess will not help, but only create a greasy film.

Is buying a beard straightener worthwhile then? If you are looking for a fast and efficient way to straighten your facial hair, then yes. Remember however to do it wisely. And don't forget about grooming, so that you can highlight your beard's natural beauty.