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Goatee: A Complete Manual

Goatee: A Complete Manual

Hated by some, loved by others. Controversial and often surprising, but somehow still in fashion most of the time. We mean goatee, as you have probably realised by now.

Wanna look like van Dyke or George Michael? Read our manual! The paragraphs below will tell you more about how the goatee has changed over years and centuries, who it suits best, and most of all, how to groom and maintain it.

History Of Goatee

How could the goatee ever been treated unfavourably? Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt sport it nowadays, amongst other stars. Actors and celebrities have surely contributed to goatee becoming one of the most popular barber styles. But let's get back to the beginning...

Goatee dates back to ancient times. It was known to be worn in Ancient Rome and Greece. The centuries that followed did not treat it as fair, however.

History Of Goatee Beard

Goatee used to fall in and out of favour, at times being even associated with Satan, or more lately becoming a counter-culture attribute. It was only appreciated again in the late 19th and early 20th century.

It was a matter of time for the goatee to become a celebrity trend. Also nowadays it enjoys a respectable following.

But as they say, there are as many goatee styles as there are its owners, so let's take a closer look at specific goatee types.

Goatee Styles

Goatee takes many forms. It needn't always be pointed, or connected with moustache. Before you commit to this kind of beard, read more about its varieties to choose from.

  1. Classic goatee – a.k.a. pure or original goatee. Simply the standard goatee. In this style the beard starts at the bottom of the cheeks but there is no moustache.
  2. Circle beard – undoubtedly the most popular type. Unlike the previous one, it includes a moustache. What's more, it connects with the beard to form a rounded shape.
  3. Thin goatee – a really bold style. This goatee is very pointed and thin. There is no moustache, which makes the goatee look more dramatic and charismatic.
  4. Van Dyke – the 17th century painter made the goatee popular to such extent that his personal shaving style was called his name. It includes a droopy moustache and a thin goatee.
  5. Anchor beard – a Van Dyke variety, where instead of fully shaved cheeks and a thin goatee, facial hair reaches further to the sides of the face than the moustache. Its shape resembles an anchor, hence its name.
  6. Disconnected goatee – if you want a goatee that's simple in styling and maintaining, this is the style for you. Very similar to the circle one, but detached from the moustache.
  7. Scruffy goatee – it's not so simple to obtain a scruffy effect, also in this goatee style. There is everything in it, including a cheek stubble as well as a moustache connected with a goatee.A unique style, and at the same time simple in maintenance.

Steps Towards A Goatee

Steps Towards A Goatee Beard

How to grow a goatee? Here are our four steps to help you go through the drill.

Trim Your Beard

At the first step you needn't worry about the goatee shape. This is not the time for precision and final cuts yet. Now it's enough to get a trimmer and trim your beard to 10 mm. It is best to reduce the length every 0.5 mm.

Give It A Contour

Now you can use a razor or a trimmer to fine-tune the goatee shape. It can be circular or pointed. You can detach it from the moustache if you wish.

Shave The Cheeks

Unless you aim for the last of the mentioned goatee styles, focus on shaving your cheeks smoothly. An ordinary razor will let you remove all the unnecessary hair from your neck and cheeks.


Goatee grooming is obligatory, and not just while its trimming. Regular washing, together with using balms and oils, will give your goatee an attractive, well-groomed appearance, appreciated not just by the fair sex, but your brothers in beard as well.

Full goatee styling can be performed with our stuff, namely The King Beard Professional Grooming Kit, which contains all the necessary cosmetics and grooming accessories.

The King Beard Professional Grooming Kit

Why Go For Goatee?

A goatee suits many a guy. You can really play around with its shape as you wish in order to make it fit your face.

So now you know the basic goatee types, as well as the styling tips. You may even be standing in front of your mirror, afraid to take that first step. Alright, we got it.

But if you want to give your face more charisma, some risk may be worth taking. Don't forget that a barber is your friend! He will gladly help you style a goatee to make you feel great. What are you waiting for then?