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Hair Drying, Thermal Damage And Beard

Hair Drying, Thermal Damage And Beard

Hair Drying, Thermal Damage And Beard

Imagine that drying and styling your beard only takes a while. You needn't worry about tangling and curly facial hair. And every day your beard looks as if it has just left a barber shop. How is it all possible? A traditional hair dryer will let you achieve such an effect. Check out how to use it while not damaging your beard.

Modern Beard Styling

Long queues at barber shops and men's hairdressers are not a strange sight anymore. While some may think otherwise, there is nothing wrong in men taking care of their appearance. Water and soap alone are not enough. That's why more and more treatments and accessories appear in men's toiletry bags.

If you've come across this article, you are probably considering buying a hair dryer. On one hand you read how it will facilitate your daily rituals, but on the other you're worried about reports of its harmful effects on the beard. So what's the reality? The truth is somewhere in between. Let us help you find it.

Hair Dryer – Beardie's Must Have?

So far a hair dryer has made you think of drying and styling ladies' hair. Nowadays however men reach for it more and more often. So why don't we use it for drying our beards?

This was the origin of the idea to make daily grooming easier. Instead of waiting for the beard to dry on its own, you can use a stream of hot air. A few extra minutes in the morning or evening will let you not just dry your beard, but also style it and give it a desired shape.

We understand you may be sceptical about drying your beard with a hairdryer. But think how much time it will save. All those times you've tried to straighten your beard the traditional way, or waited for it to dry, can me measured in hours. Think how else you can use this time. And all that with a good beard dryer.

Beard Has Muscle Memory

There is one more aspect to drying your beard with a hair dryer. Muscles are said to have memory. Had you attended the gym regularly but stopped at some point, it won't take you long to reach your previous fitness level if you start again.

What's interesting, the same rule applies to the beard. Its regular styling in the same way will let it take the desired shape on its own. It's just the matter of consistency. Just like regular training, beard drying will become your habit before you realise it. You and your beard will just get used to it.

How To Use A Dryer

High temperature is not necessarily your hair's best friend. Still, there are ways to dry your beard with a dryer and be happy with the effects.

What do you need first? Seems obvious, but a good dryer is the key. It should be handy and have a broad range of temperatures. The ionisation function is also of help, as negative ions close the hair scales, protecting your hair from damage.

Second, remove excess water from your beard. But don't towel dry it too hard. Instead, pat it delicately with a towel to get the water absorbed in it. And avoid plastic combs – they are like a razor to your beard.

Before reaching for a dryer, don't forget to apply beard oil. Using The King Beard Oil, you will supply your beard with the necessary ingredients to keep it healthy.

Switch the dryer on. Move it along your beard from top to bottom, while delicately combing your beard with a wooden comb.

Finally, you can apply extra beard oil or balm. Styling products will also do their job to give your beard the final look.

Can Hot Air Damage Beard?

Yes, it can, let's not delude ourselves. Hot drying day in, day out can overdry your beard, so use it with moderation. Cosmetics, or rather lack thereof, are another issue. Honestly, do you always apply them? If not, don't be surprised your beard is overdried and hairs start breaking.

Careful use of the device is also the key. To limit the risk of damage to your facial hair, use the lowest temperature possible, and hold the dryer ca. 15 cm from your face.

Hair Drying, Thermal Damage And Beard: Summary

Can you use a hair dryer for you beard? Of course you can. Is it safe? It depends. If you don't use the highest temperature day in, day out, you can protect your beard. All is up to you, and the cosmetics you use. Dedicated treatments can be bought at The King Beard.