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Has Your Beard Stopped Growing?

Has Your Beard Stopped Growing?

Sometimes you want so badly to speed up the time. Especially when you want to quickly grow a thick and substantial beard. Unfortunately, the beard does not grow in the eyes and to be able to enjoy the stubble, as in Hagrid from Harry Potter, it takes months.

Unfortunately, time is slowing down not only because of our impatience. Sometimes the rate at which the beard grows actually slows down. And worst of all, it also happens that the beard stops growing completely. What to do then? How should you respond to such inhibition?

Someone could have dreamed of a long and thick beard. Does stopping the growth of the beard mean that its maximum length has been reached? It is certainly an emergency situation, which is why we are more willing to take up this topic in our article.

Why does hair stop growing?

Each of us has millions of tiny hairs that have reached their maximum length. Tiny, barely noticeable hair is on our back, shoulders or nape. After all, the only place where hair is sure not to grow out is the pupils. The rest of the body can theoretically be covered in hair.

Why does hair stop growing

However, as you can see, these tiny hairs may not grow even by a millimeter for several dozen years. So why are we surprised by the inhibition of beard hair growth?

The answer is simple: the hair is uneven. More specifically - the difference between them is due to the different cellular structure of the hair follicles.

It is she who programs the hair to a certain length. In the case of hair on the back or shoulder, many people get microscopic in size and are then replaced by new hair, which will also not be longer.

What is the hair growth cycle?

There are three stages of hair development. They prove that there is constant movement in the hair environment.

What is the hair growth cycle

Anagen (growth phase)

Most of the hair that covers the body is in the anagen phase. During this process, the hair follicle takes root in the skin and grows until it reaches its maximum length. The beard hair is in this phase for two to six years.

Catagen (decay phase)

The catagen phase is an intermediate phase. It is characterized by the fact that hair growth is inhibited, while the hair follicle begins to shrink. This phase lasts for about two weeks.

Telogen (drop phase)

During this phase, the hair begins to fall out. Their place is replaced by new hair that enters the anagen phase and repeats the entire cycle anew.

Note: hair varies

As it has already been said - the hair is uneven. It was not emphasized, however, that hair discrepancies may also occur among the hair on the chin. The maximum stubble length for hair in one area of the face may differ from that for the other area.

Nay. In one place, hair stops growing over time, but in another, it never stops. For example, whiskers most often stop growing when they reach a length of about 3 inches, while whiskers that extend below the jaw can grow almost continuously.

Of course, it should be remembered that the characteristics of the hair and the pace and growth depends on genetics. And as you know, it cannot be completely influenced. However, you can influence the condition of the hair with your actions, which can accelerate its growth.

Make your beard grow

The last sentence of the above paragraph gives hope and it is absolutely justified. Care and good beard habits offer a good chance for your beard to start growing again.

Make your beard grow

Take care of your diet

Nutrition is strongly related to the overall health condition, i.e. the condition of our organs, bones, skin and also hair. By eating healthy, we nourish our beard hair. To keep your hair healthy, you need to eat meals rich in protein and vitamins A, B, C and E.

Reduce your stress

Not only food affects the body. The emotional state is also related to the state of health. And this one is disturbed mainly by stress. In order to reduce it, one needs, inter alia, get enough sleep, rest, and remember to be active. When you run or play sports, endorphins, the happiness hormones, are released in the brain.

Take care of your skin

The last tip is obvious, but it does not change the fact that it needs to be formulated. Healthy skin means healthy hair. Therefore, do not stay away from lotions, oils and regular beard washing.