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Hormones Vs. Hair Growth

Hormones Vs. Hair Growth

Years go by, and your hair or beard still don't grow? Not always your fault. Sometimes hormones are to blame. Although you don't give them the first thought, they decide when, or if ever, you can enjoy a dense beard and lush hair. So what is it all about and which hormones are concerned? Here is the explanation.

Why Your Hair Does Not Grow

You say hair and think testosterone? If not, know that those two things are connected. It happens for a reason. The growth of your hair, including facial ones, is affected by many factors. They include diet, health, sporting activity, and grooming.

Whatever you do however, hair will not grow if there is too much of certain hormones in your body – namely testosterone, and alongside it also DHT, i.e. dihydrotestosterone.

But let's mention one important thing before discussing the hormones and their influence on your beard. Time matters, precisely your age. If you are still an adolescent, you may have no dense, long beard, and that's perfectly alright.

Beard can be formed up to 30 years of age, so give yourself time and don't compare yourself with others. In future it may well be you who is envied the epic beard.

And now back to the hormones.

What Are Testosterone And DHT

All our life depends on hormones, literally. They decide if and how we fall asleep, how we feel and what our skin and hair look like. This concerns both men and women.

Testosterone is no different. We all have it. It decides about all the so-called masculine features. It gives rise to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone even three times more potent which is also responsible for numerous biological processes in our body.


It is however mainly associated with hair growth. Its high level may lead to hairs falling out, or eventually balding.

The increase of DHT level is particularly visible in men who dope themselves with testosterone in order to gain strength and muscle mass more easily. Hair loss can be a side effect, as DHT and testosterone are closely related to each other.

DHT Vs. Beard – Why It Matters?

Hair on your face and scalp should not be considered separately. Your beard is affected by excess DHT as well. To make things more complicated though, this hormone has different effects on hair and beard.

For this reason it is often the case that a man can be sporting a long epic beard and suffer from hair loss at the same time. That is all due to hormones, and precisely their levels in the body.

This is a paradox that your beard yearns for DHT. What harms your scalp hair and makes it fall out, works well for the facial hair. Higher testosterone and DHT level means longer and denser beard. The more responsive you are to this hormone, to a higher extent you feel this effect.

How unfair of nature, you may think, and you are right. With hormones rushing in your blood you can either have lush hair and no beard or a dense beard with bald head. Unfortunately, nature is merciless in this case. We can try to fight it however, or at least make an attempt to get things back to normal.

How To Decrease DHT Level

If you struggle with hair loss and your DHT level is high, you may want to bring it down a bit, and that is where DHT blockers come in handy. These chemicals prevent the hormone from reaching hair follicles, and so the hairs from falling out.

But when your hormone level results are unsatisfactory, you should seek medical advice. A doctor will prescribe the optimum preparations to keep testosterone and other hormones under control.

What About Beard

Alright, let's beat DHT level down then. Hair will start growing like crazy. But what about beard? Time to say goodbye to facial hair? Or is there a chance to save a lush, epic beard while taking DHT blockers? In other words, can we have the cake and eat the cake?

Where there's a will, there's a way. You can find help in the same treatments that are used for daily beard grooming. If you haven't used them yet, reach for them asap. Our kits, such as The King Beard Care Set, guarantee a well-groomed and healthy beard.

The King Beard Set

The secret lies in providing skin with oils that do not block DHT in any way, namely argan and grape seed oil, among others. They can be found in most beard grooming cosmetics.

Hormones Vs. Hair Growth. Summary

So there is a light at the end of the tunnel. You can enjoy great hair and a lush beard at the same time, and all this thanks to proper grooming and taking care of your health.

Remember that hormones are like cart horses in your body. Sometimes you need to pull their reins in. In many such cases you may need a specialist advice, when you feel things are getting out of control.