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How To Deal With Beard Knots

How To Deal With Beard Knots

Knots make you want to tear the hair out of your beard? Instead of taking such a radical step, follow our advice to get rid of the snags quickly and efficiently!

See what you should do and forget that tangled facial hair and the pain during brushing.

Where Beard Knots Come From

You're not the only one who feels the pain while brushing your beard. Every man with beard longer than an inch or two is liable to snagging. The longer the beard, the more serious the issue becomes. And that's not all.

Length matters, but so does how you treat your beard. That is often the cause of your tangling troubles. What should be avoided then? Snags can appear when you:

  • sleep on your side;
  • don't use beard balms or oils;
  • don't trim your beard;
  • use a wrong beard brush. 

Looks simple, but the problem is common. Let's discuss its particular aspects then.

Position Matters

Namely the one in which you sleep, although it seems the least obvious. What has my sleeping position got in common with my beard, you may ask. But it does. Think how you lie in the same position for hours. All that time your beard is being pressed against the pillow. You think it leaves no trace?

Alas, it will. Your sleeping position really matters. The more you sleep on your side, the more snagged your beard will get. The best solution would be to get used to changing it, and e.g., start sleeping on your back. If possible, of course.

Beard Oils And Balms 

Examine your conscience. Do you regularly reach for a beard balm or oil? Even if your beard is seemingly healthy, those snags may be a result of insufficient grooming.

As a rule, beard oil or balm should be used two or three times a week. You can apply it more frequently if you feel that your beard is dry and becomes tangled.

King Beard Oil

Treatments such as The Beard King Oil will not just nourish and moisturise it, but also make it smoother and prevent the snagging.

Use balms and oils on clean beard, best right away after showering. Lightly towel-dry your beard and then apply the treatment on it.

Present Scissors!

When did you last trim your beard? If your answer is "can't remember", you're quite likely struggling with split hair ends and knots. We understand you want your beard as long as possible and looking awesome at the same time. Regular trimming will not do it any harm, however. Just the opposite, it can only help.

You can use scissors or a trimmer. But why not go the whole hog and get our one and only The King Beard Professional Grooming Kit. It contains not only scissors and a comb, but also a set of accessories for your daily beard grooming.

The King Beard Professional Grooming Kit

What if your hands shake at the very thought of DIY beard trimming? Don't worry, barber is your friend! Make visiting a barber shop your routine and say goodbye to those pesky knots.

Beard Brushing 

Last but not least, brushing is an often forgotten, yet still mandatory step in beard styling and grooming. Unfortunately, when your beard is snagged, brushing only means pain and tangled hair. The secret is in the way of brushing and using a proper brush.

The worst thing you can do to yourself is brushing your beard downwards. It can only aggravate the knotting problem and your hairs may start falling out while brushing. It's way better to brush your beard from the bottom, slowly going upwards.

Also avoid hard-bristled brushes and small-toothed combs. Go for natural beard brushes and wide-toothed combs instead. They will manage with untangling your beard way more efficiently.

How To Deal with Beard Knots – Summary 

Snagged beard is a serious problem. Instead of tearing your facial hair out over this issue, however, give it some TLC. Dealing with beard knots is no rocket science. It's just most important to be aware of what causes the problem. 

Groom your beard properly and you will forget the snags. Make the application of beard oils, brushing and trimming your routines. Follow our advice and enjoy a healthy and epic beard.