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How To Give Your Beard A Perfect Shape?

How To Give Your Beard A Perfect Shape?

Uneven, too short, not symmetrical. You surely know how irritating it is when you're doing your best to give your beard this awesome shape but, pun intended, it goes pear-shaped.

We've all been down this rocky road. Towards its end however awaits this epic, perfect beard. How can you achieve it? What do you need for styling it into a perfect shape? Get rid of all your doubts with our manual.

Patience First

You can't beat the nature. Growing an awesome, epic beard takes time. And it's not only about putting the trimmer aside but also regular grooming. Only this way all the effort will pay off and you can become an elite member of the Proud Beardies' Club.

But that's not all. The shape, size and density of your beard doesn't always depend on you. You can obviously fine-tune your facial hair but the final effect often does not meet your expectations.

patience and ideas about your beard

That's because of your hormones. It may turn out that your beard can't be as dense as that of a stereotypical lumberjack.

On the other hand, it can be exceptionally lush and just as long as you wish. The key is to know yourself, so don't force it. Just get a smarter hammer – see below.

Last but not least, keep calm and trim your beard. Or precisely, keep calm while you're trimming it. One move too far and you may have to wait a few weeks to get back to the desired shape.

That's why it's better to plan more time for the ritual. Trimming and styling your beard is a pleasure after all, and pleasures are to be savoured slowly, aren't they?

Set The Neck Line

The edge of your neck is especially important to set the shape and length of your beard. The line runs from one ear, via the beard edge, to the other ear. It can be anything from edgy to oval.

It's up to you which shape you go for, but make a decision right at the beginning. Look in the mirror and think how it should go. Don't take risks if you're not sure – visit a professional barber instead, who will give you the right tips about a neck line that suits you.

So you got the outline of your neck line? Set its length then. Every face is different and requires a different approach. There's no such thing as a universal pattern. No problem though, as your body comes to help.

Take two fingers of one palm and put them horizontally above the Adam's apple. Trim a vertical strip below the line of the upper finger. Anything that's below must go. Shave off all unwanted hairs.

neck cheek beard line

Set The Cheek Line

The beard runs not only downwards but upwards as well. Your facial hairs may have a tendency to densely grow on your cheeks too.

On the other hand, they can also be irregular and scarce. Just like with the neck line, follow the natural traits of your beard. You have three possible solutions.

How to give your beard an ideal shape when your cheek hairs are few and far between? Better not keep this scarce and uneven stubble. Shave the hairs below the corners of your mouth instead.

Don't worry about it looking too delicate, it's just the opposite! Low cheek line gives the whole beard a personality, and also accentuates the shape of your jaw.

It's a whole different ball game when your natural lush beard grows fast and densely. No need to shorten it then, your abundant cheek hairs can stay.

Just trim them when they start looking scruffy. You can also shorten them so they don't reach above the middle of your cheek height.

Finally, one more method – the most universal, just for everyone. Set the cheek line at the height of your mouth corners. Make it slightly curved or straight. It's up to you, or rather the shape of your face.

Your Beard Is Perfect. What Next?

Have you followed our advice, you are most probably enjoying an ideal beard. Make it last! Alongside regular trimming and removing stray hairs, take care to groom your beard as well.

The King Beard Oil

Reach for a treatment immediately after trimming. Your facial hair needs it now to receive the necessary nutrients. Beard balm or oil will be come in handy, such as The King Beard Oil.

Remember also about regular brushing of your epic beard with a military-style brush and its cleansing with dedicated soaps and other cosmetics. Its best to go full monty and get The King Beard Professional Grooming Kit, so that you have all you need at hand!