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How To Grow Out And Manage A Patchy Beard

How To Grow Out And Manage A Patchy Beard

Well-grown and groomed, masculine beard is a feature that greatly enhances the appearance of every guy.

Having a beard comes in and out of fashion every now and again, but nowadays many blokes have a go at it.

A large number of men can't even imagine themselves beardless. In their opinion they just wouldn't look good without it.

A beard can certainly make you look more attractive, but to make it happen you need to groom it properly and address certain conditions it may suffer from.

One of them is the so-called patchy beard. What is it and how can it be treated?

Patchy, i.e. Uneven Beard

By patchy beard we usually mean hairless skin patches. Such an uneven facial hair growth can be a problem for lots of men.

In the perfect world, anyone could sport a full, well-groomed and dense beard.

Plenty of guys however, for many reasons, most often genetic ones, cannot grow such ideal facial hair. Is this a real problem?

Can it make us shave our beard? In our opinion the answer is NO! We even have a few tips on how to alleviate this shortcoming.

Reasons Of Patchy Beard: Genes Or Bad Grooming?

To learn the tricks for uneven beard we should know the reasons of sparse facial hair.

As mentioned before, one of them can be our genes. They can be our toughest opponent.

By proper grooming and using the right products we can however greatly improve the density of our beard or, in the best case, completely solve the problem.

Another reason of sparse beard can be our age. The younger we are, the less dense is our facial hair.

Other reasons of patchy beard fully depend on us. If we don't take good care of our beard and don't groom it properly, it can become sparser.

Moreover, bad eating and health habits impair our facial hair growth. Poor diet and drinking a lot of alcohol weaken the hairs and make them fall out.

Tips For Patchy Beard

Having agreed that most causes of patchy beard can be successfully addressed, let's present the ways to act.

The first one concerns our habits. It's not just about the diet, but also the proper nutrition of our facial hair. The most important thing is moisturising. It can be achieved by using the right soaps.

We especially recommend the King Beard Soap. Frequent washing with this product allows for proper recovery and moisturising of facial hair.

Ingredients of this soap are gentle for the skin and hair follicles, and carbon contained in it protects the skin from drying, making it soft and supple.

Facial hair grooming can also be done with a special beard oil, e.g. the King Beard Moisturising Oil. Its ingredients are 100 per cent natural, including jojoba, grapeseed, almond and castor oils.

It nutritions the hair by providing precious vitamins and makes it softer and easier to style.