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How To Keep Ideal Beard Length

How To Keep Ideal Beard Length

So you've made it. After weeks of trials and tribulations you can finally enjoy a perfect beard. It's just the right length and does not tangle or break. How to preserve it? Sooner or later you will have to shorten it. Below we share some tips and technical tricks to help you keep your beard 's ideal length.

Don't Forget This Before Beardcut

Before you get those scissors and a trimmer moving, give your beard a bit of TLC. Clean and brushed, it will be way easier to shape. Give yourself more time to cut or trim your beard so that you needn't hurry and can obtain the desired effect.

What should we start with? Thorough washing goes first. Don't even think that a traditional soap can replace a proper beard soap. That would be just like saving on car parts or fuel.

High quality beard soap does not only remove dirt but also takes care of beard moisturising and nourishment. If you use The King Beard Charcoal Soap, you know how great the feeling is.

Your beard should then be properly dried. When you have long hair, you may have noticed it seems longer when wet, and it's the same with beard. So before reaching for scissors, make sure it is dry. Ideally it should dry on its own, but if you're short of time, use a hair dryer. Yes, it's not just for your hair, but for the beard as well.

Finally, comb your beard. Wet hair is more liable to damage. Before it gets dry, use a natural (i.e. wooden) comb and make use of your fingers. Take care to comb your beard well before starting the cut.

When And How To Cut Beard

Lots of bearded men don't really know when to cut their beard and how to do it. How should we know how much hair to cut? Newbies often make this basic mistake and cut too much, wasting monts of hard work. How can we avoid it? Let's start with the frequency of beardcuts.

How Often To Cut Beard

Keeping an ideal beard length is one thing, and giving it a new style is another. If your goal is the latter, you may need to cut quite a lot. Otherwise it is enough to give it a slight cut with scissors to enjoy a satisfying effect. How often should we do it then?

It's quite individual and mainly depends on the beard length. If you only want a stubble, reach for a trimmer even once every two weeks. It's a whole different ball game however if you are a proud owner of a long, epic beard.

Generally, facial hair grows by just above a centimeter per month. So if you are happy with such a length, a cut once in a few weeks will do the job. It's up to you how often you do it and when your beard becomes too long.

Beard Cutting Technique

If this is your first self-made beardcut, you may obviously feel a little anxious. Been there, done that. Find it hard to overcome the beginner's jitters? Then a barber is your friend! Just a few visits to a barber shop will let you gain confidence and knowledge how to cut your beard. What's more, a barber will give you beard styling tips that best suit your face.

Reach for scissors!

Already know how much of your beard you want to cut? You can make this calculation easier using the simplest measure, i.e. the width of your finger. This will make it simpler to work out how much is neither too little nor too much.

Our advice is to start cutting from the front. Then move towards the jaw line and cut the sides. Your scissors should be accompanied by a comb, to precisely single out the areas you want to cut. In order to avoid sharp edges, hold the beard from the outside. The cut will then look more natural.

Having trimmed the front and sides of your beard, you can start working on the hairs near your chin. Also get rid of the hairs that cover your mouth.

And what about those unwanted hairs above the cheek line? To swiftly get rid of them, use a trimmer or razor. It will also let you deal with protruding hairs on your neck or outside the side lines.

How To Keep Ideal Beard Length: Summary

Your beard grows by about a centimetre each month. Unless you are going for a Guinness record in its length, sooner or later you're beardcut-bound. Follow our tips and do it with confidence. Don't forget that thanks to regular cutting and grooming your beard will look as if it has just left a barber shop. What are you waiting for then? Have you waited too long to trim it, the right time is now!