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Three Tips For Short Beard Styling

Three Tips For Short Beard Styling

Ryan Reynolds, George Clooney and Hugh Jackman already know that a short beard is as much simple as it is manly.

With such a beard it is not only easier to achieve this epic look, but also to maintain it the best you can.

So to begin with, here are some styling tips. How to groom it? How to trim it and what with? How to set its contours?

Answers to all the above short beard questions can be found in our manual – a short one, by the way.

Short Beard – Who For?

Is a short beard for everyone? Why not. Just get the right type and shape. Whatever you think, it can still be elegant and sophisticated. Unlike a long, epic beard however, its shorter version is easier in styling and general maintenance.

It doesn't require that much time to achieve a spectacular result that no beardie will be ashamed of.

Short beards come in various types and styles. Giving yours the right contours will let you fit it to the shape of your face.

Short Beard – Who For

While sharper, edgier lines work better for a long or oval face, more rounded contours better fit you better if your face is square, in order to render its shape somehow milder.

Short beard is bound to be your choice if you lack time for thorough and meticulous styling.

It will also help you get used to growing a beard if you're an absolute beginner who wants to see what it feels like to be a beardie. So let's get to the nitty gritty of short beard styling and grooming.

How To Style A Short Beard

Styling a short beard is definitely less demanding, as we all know. You will give it the right shape faster, and spend less time grooming it. On the other hand though, a proud beardie can't be sloppy with his attribute.

Take your time then. Take care of your beard step by step and remove the unnecessary hairs. After all, a short beard is a symbol of elegance and not scruffiness.

If you are not sure which short beard style suits you best, or simply lack skills in beard sculpting magic, there is nothing lost. A barber is your friend! Visit him right at the beginning, and then just maintain the achieved result.

1. Set The Neck Line

Sounds obvious, but still lots of men forget about it or just don't care. The neck line. If you want to enjoy an attractive and stylish beard, you can't skip it. The beard's length can't stretch downwards into infinity, or abruptly stop. How to set the line then?

The line is best set with your palm. Place two fingers horizontally just above the Adam's apple. Shave off all the hairs that are below your fingers.

2. Don't Forget Grooming

It's not true that a short beard does not require grooming. While it may seem, and indeed is, pretty straightforward, by using the right cosmetics you will take care of its elegant and healthy appearance.

Besides using a trimmer, reach also for dedicated beard oils and balms.

What is all that for? Mainly for your comfort. If you just start growing a short beard, the skin underneath it may feel itchy. Oils such as The King Beard Oil will prevent it.

The King Beard Oil

But it's about your appearance too. Those treatments will not only moisturise but also nourish your beard, leaving it smooth and healthy. Just one drop a day keeps the scruffy look and itching away. No prob, innit?

3. Devil In The Details

Short beard attracts attention, as much as a long one. A well-groomed and regularly styled one will be found especially attractive by the opposite sex. But as usual, the devil is in the details.

Even a short beard focuses viewers' attention not just on itself but at other parts of your face too. That's why you should take care of them as well, so that they look their best together with your beard.

Going for a short beard can give you an awesome effect. It can highlight your face lines and just give your face what it takes. At the same time, it will bring attention to your eyes, nose and ears, so they should look their best as well.

Check if your eyebrows aren't too dense or irregular and look out for those stray or excessive hairs anywhere. Remember to treat your face as one entity. Take care of its symmetry and the effect will be guaranteed.

beard devil in the details

Short Beard Styling: A Summary

So you're after a short beard? Great choice! No need to wait many a week for an epic result. While it's not gonna take ages to style and groom it, you should still take good care of it.

The devil is in the details, as we said before. So don't let a single stray hair spoil the final effect and enjoy a perfect short beard.