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What If You Think Your Beard Sucks

What If You Think Your Beard Sucks

Bad days happen to all of us. You look in the mirror that morning and wonder what happened to this man you see. Your dream of a glorious and manly beard remains nothing but a dream.

Not quite this colour and shape, weak and brittle hairs... Think your beard sucks? Think what you can change! Sometimes a small adjustment in your grooming and overall attitude can go a long way to make you feel comfortable with your beard. So what should we do?

Every Beard Is Different

That's a fact. You may be dreaming of looking like your favourite actor or musician, but it's your face, not theirs, which makes it impossible to achieve precisely the same look. What your beard looks like is determined not just by your natural hair-growing ability, but also by the shape of your face.

It's the same with hairstyles. You look at a catalogue with most recent trends at the hairdresser's and choose how to have your hair cut. Quite often however you decide not on a specific hairdo, but on the overall look of a model. Unless you are his twin, the chances of getting exactly the sąme effect are close to none.

So what if you find your beard lousy (pun intended ;)? First thing to consider: maybe your objections result from the fact you don't look like someone else? Every beard is different. The appearance of yours doesn't necessarily mean there is something wrong with it. Accept it. Stop slagging yourself off and chasing the impossible. Look at the bright side instead.

Second Thing: Groom!

There are no shortcuts. There are beard treatments available nowadays, other than water and sweat. Modern men have their toiletry bags are are not ashamed of it. The choice of cosmetics for your beard is wide. They will take care of your messy hairs, split hair ends and dry skin.

For every beard, the basic treatment is an oil, such as The King Beard Oil. Another accessory for your daily use is a military-style beard brush. Beard soap is also a must-have, in order to remove all contaminations and unpleasant smells. Choose The King Beard Care Set to start royal grooming.


Daily beard care should be started from day one of its growing. Forget the incessant skin itching and ingrowing hairs, and groom your beard like The King Beard!

Barber Is Your Friend

We know too well how difficult it is to trim the beard on our own. A move too far and weeks of hard work go down the drain. All you need is just a little patience, and haste makes waste.

If you are only a rookie beardie, or just don't feel confident yet, you can always visit a barber. Sometimes one session is enough to gain confidence, and most of all knowledge of beard trimming.

Even though just one visit at the barber's will make you more self-reliant, it's still worthy to get decent scissors and a beard trimmer.

Pick your own style

As we wrote at the beginning, each particular beard doesn't necessarily suit everyone. Some look better sporting a goatee, while others can pull off a long, epic beard. Here is a bit of advice to follow, you needn't reinvent the wheel!

Fit your beard to the shape of your face. Take a good look what it looks like. If it is rather round, go for sharper, edgy lines. A rectangular or oblong face on the other hand will look better with a more rounded beard, which will somewhat soften its overall appearance.

Then, who is a goatee for? This distinctive facial hair style looks its best on heart-shaped, square and round faces.

Don't Give Up Without A Fight

Beard has taught us patience and humility. There is no cutting corners, and results don't come overnight. Still, with proper grooming, the final effect is priceless. Don't give up too easily then.

Remember it while looking in the mirror next time. Don't be too critical of yourself. Has it only been a few weeks? Give yourself time. True effects take no shorter than several months to be seen. Don't reach for a razor then or you're gonna regret it soon.

So what if you still think your beard sucks? Take an unbiased look. How long have you been growing it? Do you give it enough TLC? Do you trim it accordingly to the shape of your face?

Take one more look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. If your answers are "yes", you are on the right path towards a truly epic beard. If not, you know where the problem is, don't you?