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What wonders does a healthy, groomed beard bring?

What wonders does a healthy, groomed beard bring?

What wonders does a healthy, groomed beard bring? We are lucky to live in times when a thick coating of facial hair is widely acceptable again. The 2010s have seen a resurgence of men ditching their shaving razors and letting nature take hold. Having a neatly trimmed, dense beard can have desirable effects when it comes to confidence. Below are examples of such up-sides:

1. Boost of confidence

You might find yourself hearing that you look too young for your age, despite being in your mid 20s. This could damage your self-esteem. Store up on patience and take the time to grow that beard, and you’ll see the difference. Facial hair has been seen as an attribute of strength, wisdom and respect for centuries, and modern times are no different. Just wait - people will be turning their heads to take a second look, especially the ladies. Which brings us to the next point…

2. A magnet that attracts women

Having a mane of hair on your face is an indicator of high testosterone, and countless studies show that women are attracted to men that have more of the male hormone. In addition, women perceive beards as more masculine, and the men as more dominant, mature, and smarter. We can bet that dating will be a lot more successful for you.

3. Highlights determination and discipline

The beginnings can be very annoying. The first few weeks are marred with irritating itchiness that makes you want to give up and shave. But, as a result of going through those difficult beginnings, people around you (who might’ve tried to grow out a beard at one point) will look at you and be in admiration that you persevere and made it this far.

4. Adds positivity to your social life

Imagine meeting people you have not seen in a while, and their reactions once you appear sporting a beard that rivals those of your ancestors. All eyes will be on you. Your “baby-faced” guy friends will express admiration , and the girls in the group will give you “those looks”, and even reach out for a touch. Before long, people will remember you because of the beard.

5. Formal meetings now made easier

Be it a job interview, a business conference, or a presentation in front of a crowd. Your new attribute, followed by your new-found self-esteem, will make you look more wise, demand attention, and draw trust to you. Making important connections and acquaintances will come naturally from now on, trust us.

The list can go on and on. But don’t take our word for it. Equip yourself from our Beard King store with the essentials, follow basic instructions, and let it grow. In time, you will see that this article was, in a way, seeing the future.