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Why Beards Are Not Seasonal

Why Beards Are Not Seasonal

So you shy away from a beard in summer? You think a long epic beard is only good in winter? Or maybe you aren't comfortable with it in the heat? Yes, beard grooming in summer takes a while.

But as you will soon learn, having a beard can also do the job at high temperatures. See below why beards are not seasonal and they are worth having all year round.

To shave or not to shave...

...that is the question. Many a happy beardie know not whether to shave their beards when the sun is shining. With so many reasons not to, still so many get rid of their male attribute, only to wait long weeks to grow an epic beard once more.

So what about this summer shavin'? How to avoid itching and sweating of your hairy face? Finally, what are the advantages of a year-round beard? The answers are below. Be warned however. Your razor blade may be covered in dust when the summer is over.

Summer vs. Winter Beard

Beard ain't no sweater, even though it may seem so. It will not warm your face. So why this familiar feeling of warmth in winter? Beard simply protects your face from windchill.

We can say that while it does not warm your face, it still isolates it from the outside cold. No doubt beard in winter hits the spot, but what about summer? Free your face from those hairs or just the opposite?

And here comes a surprise. In summer a beard doesn't overheat the face. It can even have a chilling effect. But how come? Again the answer is easy. Look at your long beard, or imagine you have one.

summer beard

It casts a shadow on your body. It may be insignificant, but you know too well how important every bit of shade can be in the summer heat.

But that's not all. A dense beard protects you from the sun's harmful UV rays as well.

Even though you still mustn't forget the sunscreen, you will surely appreciate the beard's advantages on holidays, lying on the beach.

Year Round Beard Grooming

To make your beard do its job, i.e. look awesome, and protect you from heat at the same time, you need to give it plenty of TLC.

Skip this step and you may never grow a dense beard. And to make things worse, it can start itching, sweating, and the hairs may start breaking off.

Grooming is necessary not only in winter but in summer as well. No summer break from beard balms or oils then. Otherwise, your beard will become dry and matte.

The King Beard Oil

Oils, such as The King Beard Oil, will let you keep it moisturised and well-nourished. Here's our pro tip for summer: keep your beard oil in the fridge. Put in on in the morning and feel the chill. Relief and satisfaction guaranteed!

Summer Beard Washing – Why Necessary?

You get up, wash, leave home and immediately start sweating. Summer is ruthless and high temperatures make you sweat.

While the sweat itself is not bad as it protects your body from overheating, its excess in your beard becomes a problem.

If you shower at least daily in summer, so should your beard. Have you used beard soap twice weekly so far, now start doing it three or even four times a week.

How often you should wash your beard depends on its length, and also your lifestyle. If you live an active life, reach for the soap and brush more often.

Why is it so important? Regular washing of your beard will protect it from the gathering of food residues, dust, and sebum layer. As you already know, in summer your beard is especially exposed to sweating.

If unwashed, it will look oily and scruffy. Soaps, such as Charcoal Soap, absorb dust and impurities from your beard and leave it clean and shiny.

Charcoal Soap

Why Beards Are Not Seasonal? Summary

Fear no more the heat o' the sun and proudly wear your beard all year round, even in summer. Surprisingly, just then you will realise its advantages and the benefits that come with it.

With proper grooming and conditioning, the beard will become your protection against the sun and its UV rays.

Does it mean you must not shave your beard in summer? No way, we don't force anyone. Although beard is not seasonal and you can grow it all year round, do what feels best for you.

If you don't want it in summer for any reason and can't imagine not shaving it, just do it. But remember to shave reasonably. Summer doesn't last forever.

In a blink of an eye the temperature will drop. So don't get caught short-bearded when winter comes!