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Why Should You Use Beard Oil?

Why Should You Use Beard Oil?

The simpler, the better – that's what some men think about beard grooming. They consider dedicated beard treatments as nothing but a myth.

But is this always true? A beard that is pleasant to touch, healthy and long, doesn't grow overnight.

It is the effect of regular work and using proper cosmetics. Check out when and why you should use beard oil.

Beard Oil Or Beard Balm?

Balms, oils, waxes. A beard care kit may comprise a lot of items. The task of them all is to keep your beard prim and proper and ensure its wearing comfort.

What may be harder to suss out are the application details, i.e. how and when to use them.

Before learning why you should use beard oil, read more about it. It is not the same thing as beard balm.

Although both treatments nourish and moisturise your beard and skin underneath, they have different consistencies.

A balm is definitely more difficult to apply, but on the other hand you can use it on wet beard, which rather shouldn't be done with beard oil.

It is the oil however, which is recommended to both rookie and seasoned beardies.

Why Should You Use Beard Oil

How Beard Oil Works: Secret Ingredients

In fact, beard oil is nothing more than a mixture of several oils with different properties. Well-composed formula will help nourish your beard and moisturise the skin underneath.

To achieve the desired effect and enjoy a long and well-groomed beard, check if your beard oil doesn't contain any unnecessary ingredients.

These are mainly those with names like paraben, SLS, or silicon. While they may give a temporary effect of soft and silky beard, in fact they do more harm than good to the condition of your facial hair.

What Should Beard Oil Contain?

A good beard oil is a natural oil. No need to look away from nature, which has all the necessary ingredients. Its wealth will be of help to your beard as well.

Here is the most wanted ingredient list:

  • argan oil
  • jojoba oil
  • almond oil
  • grape seed oil
  • castor oil

This is more than just nature's wealth in your beard's secret service. It's also a source of vitamins A, B and E, minerals and other conditioning ingredients. They can all be found in The King Beard Oil.

The King Beard Oil

Beard Oil Advantages

Why should I use beard oil? When is it worth reaching for? Use it for a long or short beard? Not only beginner beardies keep asking these questions. Learn why go for beard oil right now!

No matter how long you've been growing a beard for, you may be having a problem with:

  • split ends
  • dry and tense skin underneath the beard
  • patchy beard
  • bristly hairs
  • lack of hair resilience
  • lingering ambient odours

Beard oil will help you with your stubborn hairs. You're gonna forget split ends, patchy facial hair, or bristly, unpleasant touch of your beard.

Treatments dedicated to your beard will help you avoid one more important issue. Thanks to their consistency, beard oil protects your facial hair from ambient odours.

Thanks to it, your beard doesn't smell of your recent meal, but of the fragrance contained in the oil. Natural beard oil can become your best perfume, appreciated both by you and your s.o.

How To Use Beard Oil?

So you already know why beard oil is worth using. But how to apply it properly? Although the rules are simple, the effect may be reverse if you don't know them.

Most of all, remember to apply beard oil to clean beard only. A thick sebum layer will prevent it from reaching your facial hairs, as well as spreading the treatment evenly.

Also, never apply beard oil to wet facial hair. Such application is suitable in the case of beard balm only. Treatments with oily consistency can only be used on dry beard. This way you will avoid an oily film on your face.

How To Use Beard Oil

Finally, take care to adjust the oil amount to the length of facial hair. One drop is perfectly enough for short beard. For a longer one however, even a few drops will be alright. Apply beard oil once daily or more often, if need be.

Soap and water only may not be sufficient to maintain a healthy beard with a pleasant touch. Dedicated oils will help its daily grooming by moisturising and conditioning it, as well as enhancing its growth.

Forget dry and tense skin and ingrowing hairs. Pick your beard oil and enjoy a beard of your dreams, envied by other guys and admired by ladies.