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Why Trimming Your Beard Is So Important

Why Trimming Your Beard Is So Important

Growing a healthy and dense beard is a common trend among lots of men. A beard can look really spectacular and that's why lots of guys go for it.

Of course it requires proper TLC. Only then can we sport truly impressive facial hair.

One of the grooming routines concerning our beard growth is regular trimming.

Is it really that important? How should we trim our beard?

Advantages Of Beard Trimming

Growing a dense and good looking beard is a commitment that takes many months and requires certain means.

In other words, we cannot leave the beard on its own. In order to make it healthy and lush, it has to be properly cleansed and groomed.

A beard can determine the overall appearance of man's face and give it a cool look.

Unfortunately its hairs may grow at different speeds, making it look somewhat sloppy. This can be the first and foremost reason to trim the beard.

Facial hairs will then grow evenly, improving the beard's appearance and making it look symmetrical.

Beard trimming also helps fight split ends, which are responsible for slow beard hairs growth and unfavourable impression of the beard.

When And How Often To Trim Your Beard

At the first impression, beard trimming seems to slow down its growth and therefore should not be done too frequently, especially when you have just started growing it.

This is not completely true, although the meaning of "frequently" is relative.

Of course everyone would like a long and dense beard asap, and that's why it should be trimmed.

The first trim should be done only a month or two after the last shave.

Since then this way of beard grooming should be applied at least once a month.

How To Trim Your Beard

First of all we need to know by how many centimetres we want to shorten our facial hair.

This determines the way of its trimming, and especially the device we use for this routine.

Often we only want to slightly shorten our beard, e.g. by a centimetre or less. This is best done with a trimmer.

This electrical device lets us precisely set the trim length.

Thanks to a trimmer we quickly and easily trim our facial hair in any given place.

If we want to e.g. optically lengthten our face, we can slightly trim the sideburns.

A trimmer is recommended to owners of beards no longer than three centimetres.

For facial hair over three centimetres long, scissors should be used. Their application requires some skills.

If we aren't sure of them and have a long and dense beard, it's better to visit a barber.

Controlling the beard's length is one thing, but fine-tuning its contours, i.e. the facial hair line, is equally important.

Single stray hairs can often be found further from the hairline.

In order to make our facial hair look esthetically pleasing, we should get rid of them.

We can do it with a razor, a disposable razor blade, or an electric shaver.

Special beard balms may help stray hairs disappear, but only if they are few and far between.

Many beardies tend to get rid of neck hairs. Most conveniently they can do it with a razor.

At the King Beard you can find many beard care and protection products and preparations.

While trimming beard on your own, a special apron will come in handy to collect the hair remnants.

It has suction caps which can be attached to the wall so that the apron is spread and all hairs fall into it. No hoovering anymore!